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Daily Prompt: Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes


The eyes are the windows of the world

The eyes are the mirrors of the world

For they tell a story so big and great it beats the imagination.

To love, it tells a story of the day it meets its lover-

both stride graciously on opposite sides until they meet and all is lost in the wonders of the heart

To life, it is that fist step taken when one says I LOVE YOU-Looking deep into each others eyes to show the sincerity

It is that moment when you say I DO-Hands held together, and lost in each others sight

To Family, it is that first moment when another life is brought into the world-You see yourselves in this little individual and imagine a world full of hopes and dreams

It is that moment when you are seen at your worst but yet still loved

It is that moment, when you are seen slowly drifting away but yet still, you hold the power and capacity of a lion.

Yes the eyes stand as a reflection of ones world, created to suit ones manner

In the end, the eyes tell a story of the beginning and of the end in love.



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