Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Youth

via Daily Prompt: Youth

She stared at the gawky figure in the photograph.

Reflecting on her youthful days-the youth she had been.

The picture wasn’t one she too often came back to but this was different.

In a few days, she would be walking down the aisle; into womanhood.

She woundered how the magazine had got the picture.

But who would have imagined that she would grow from a lanky, geeky youth;

one everyone shuned away from- because of her tarted cloths and unkempt hair, because she wasn’t cool enough, – and now here she stood, having grown into a beautiful swan.

Thank God she had not swanned too early she thought-She’d seen the youth of the others and it was nothing to write home about.

The comparison of the two faces staring back at her made her appreciate her youth better than she had before-for her unfavourable youth and harsh circumstances had brought her out of the ghettos into this new world.



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