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Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning


Loving you was a journey I could not handle anymore

For learning to love you everyday was tiresome and tideous work.

Like a child learning to crawl, I had to take myself out of your equation

and learn to crawl again.


Learning to love again was hard and difficult,

for every piece of me had been broken into pieces.

Like an athlete learning to run a marathon, I had to learn how to love in strides

As painful as it was, I knew i had to shake the past and move forward.


Loving you was like a painful sore,

Eating away every self-belief I held on to

and replacing my love with doubt and insecurities

but learning to regain my strength was enough to

push me forward.


Like a child finally able to take their first step into the world,

I finally took mine by learning to trust me again,

learning to trust family, learning to trust friends.


I finally learnt to be free of you.




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