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Daily Prompt: Fierce

via Daily Prompt: Fierce
Fierce Love

Love floods the heart

Fiercly taking hold of neurons

Turning the heart to jelly,

slowly dissolving as the taste of it

takes over the senses.

Unknowingly it takes position and is watchful, ready to guard against

any who come close to its territory.

It is the love of a mother, a father, a boyfriend, a girlfriend,

it is puppy love.

Love I hear is subtle,

but its` subtleness can sometimes be fierce and overwhelming

like the roller coaster ride of Superman:escape from krypton.

It fiercely burns like a volcano, flooding its surrounding with its hot lava

but instantly quenched by the cool and rushed flow of  icelands rivers

In the end, love is inexcapable, for we all hold onto it- fiercely gripping onto it

and never wanting to let go of it.


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