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Daily Prompt: Melody

via Daily Prompt: Melody
Melody In A Moment

In the silent moment of her thoughts,

Eyes closed to the world,

When she thought all was lost,

she heard the faint sound-

It was neither of the birds nor of the sea as everything laid still.

Not a stir in the wind.

It was a sound she distintively remembered as a child-

It was a sound she had come to cherish when all seemed to go against her

-when all hope was lost.

Slowly, her heart drew close to the melody-the melody of Angels.

As the heavens opened up, there they stood,

Lined up in uniformed stance, singing out Melodies only the heart could understand.

As her soul became one with the song, she felt the peace she had been longing for.

In a moment of time, in a moment of melody, her world was once again at peace.

Signed DinamicDynasty

Copyright © 2016



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