Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Twinkle

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle

Over the horizon

Far from the naked eyes

Into an atmospher layered with veils of clouds

Shades of blue dispersed with coolness


Sparks of light adorn the open space

A twinkle they shine lighting the skies

Like fireflies, they sprinkle their glittering lights

cascading the veiled clouds with their tranquility


In the silent of the night, lost in the wonders of the universe

The stars twinkle and shine, guiding the way, embracing the senses with

its delights.


Its wonders still a mystry to the mind

But its existence welcomed with warmness and heartiness

In one word, phenomenal would describe it.


Twinkling and captivating, it moves;

Never looking away

Three men bask in its glory

As it leads them to the little manger

A place where peace reigns forever.



Copyright © 2016


All Rights Reserved




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