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Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant
Elegant Meal

Across the latitudes and longitudes, colours spread out

Colours spewed across the table

Scattered on the floor, spread on the ground

Incohesiveness is its name, no togetherness, no structure.


Rare colours impossible to find

Longitudes and latitudes cross each other

Until finally the impossible becomes a find

A treasure to be treasured when found


Smelling and sniffing

Big decisions to be made

Careful planning and decision making

Stratigic and mental work aplay


Images formed in the mind

Intrisic designs tease the brain

Mental accessments at play

Last decisions taken


Finally, the work begins

Careful slicing, careful dicing

colours tossed together in an old cooking cast ware

A pinch here, a dash here, a teaspoon here, half a spoon there


Finally, the moment of truth

An Elegant meal set before you.

With careful tasting and savouring

Taste buds come together


In a swoop,

an Elegant and carefully thought out meal

becomes the master piece of the day.


Copyright © 2016


All Rights Reserved

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