Power of the Mind

Power Of The Mind


Total darkness

Heart pounding

Blood racing

Eyes bloodshot with terror and panic


Hands sweaty and slippery

Armpits wet,  cloths soaking

Dry mouth, patchy throat

Legs numb, afraid to carry you on.


Thunder and lighting

A storm abrew

Trees breaking and cracking

Leaves swirl around in an upheaval of wind


Drip, drop,

Drip, drop,

The rains charge

Pitter patter,

Pitter patter,


Mouth opened to scream but no noise

Reality sets in

Shattered dreams come together

Pictures of life lay ahead of you


Opportunity  lays its door wide open

Eyes closed, you think and ponder

You take a stand

Do or die


You take a deep breath

Still unsure, Still uncertain

You take one big jump

And free yourself of your fright, of your fears, of the bondage


At last, the picture is clear

You hold the key

You always had the power in you.

The power to free the mind.


Copyright © 2016


All Rights Reserved










11 thoughts on “Power of the Mind”

  1. Yup…mind is the most powerful of all things existing in our system….it can fly to New York while your body is still in Colombo. And so one shouldn’t tinker with it or else it will show you it’s power….hehehe…very nicely written….thanks


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