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Daily Prompt: Zing!

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

Little shapes, big shapes

All of great delight

Wrapped up in perfection but Sometimes just plain

But a pleasure to the sight


In one swift motion,

Attraction becomes inevitable

Guilty pleasures,

Guilty gratifications,


Just this once.

With slow movement

Careful selections

Favorites found


Anticapations running wild

A closeness understood by just you two

Sometimes slow, sometimes quick

Pop it goes into the mouth


Zing! Yowza!

Who can resist this

Sweet and sour, salty and caramely,

Sweet with a hint of spice, a dub of herbs


Yes Candy!

Yes the inescapable world of sweets

Created to give a spark and a Zing!

Copyright © 2016


All Rights Reserved






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