Life in The Light

From near and far

Like the sands of time

Blown by gusty winds, and storms

Travelling with no set destination


We move


We wonder the earths surface

Like the meandering river

Bending and weaving courses

Trying to find our footing


The journey never comes easy

For we stumble, we fall,

Bruises strain the body,

The mind, the spirit


Finally, we give up from being wornout

From being beat by the rain.

From being enclosed in a box.

From being restrained.


But we must press on

For the journey never is easy

Neither does it come easy

Lights flicker and dim


Pathways narrow.


But we must press on

Each step does not close the chapter

Each step opens a new chapter

A chapter into new life, new purpose, new destinies


Only if we are ready to savour the moment.


Copyright © 2016



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