Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Jump

via Daily Prompt: Jump

Closed curtains!

Set stage!

Props set!

Loud crowds!

Anticipation builds

Sweat trickles down your face

Palms gets slippery

Microphone turns on

Your name is called out

Speakers blast out

Mustering up confidence, you move slowly

to the front of the curtain

With confidence as big as a giants,

You Jump out from behind the props

Shattering glass as you land on center stage,

breaking free of your fear.

Like a lion set for battle

you position yourself,

Slowly moving to the beat.

As the tempo builds, you dance your heart out

Fogetting all who are present.

Steadily, the music begins to fade out

The crowd goes wild

With heart thumping and jumping

you take a bow and Jump back into your box of dreams.



Copyright © 2016



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