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Daily Prompt: Generous

via Daily Prompt: Generous

In her youthfulness

She shines and glows,

radiating with grace, and

a profound energy.

She generously gives herself to us

Bringing newness, freshness,

youthfulness, summer.

Slowly, she withers away

preparing for the day she will finally close her eyes,

for another season; for the cold season.

Shedding parts of herself,

As the time passes and her time draws closer,

She lays still, but not inept

She manages to give us the best and last of herself

reminding us of how generous and giving she is.

Alas, giving her last breath, she drifts of.

Turning cold; her surface as hard as rock,

the trees hard and brittle, she says her goodbye

having been kind and benevolent to us all.



Copyright © 2016.


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