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Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

As I sit behind my writing spot

getting ready to write todays prompt

I ponder about the word Unfinished


As I delve deep into my sub-conscious

I think about all the things i’ve left

Uncompleted in my life.


My biggest being School, education, a career.


As the list builds up,

I realise, not everything in my life

Has been left Unfinished.


“My thoughts of having this blog became complete

The day i finally posted my first writing”.


Like a jig saw puzzel

That comes in little small pieces

I realize it takes time to piece it all

Together. Sometimes, as tired and worn out

as you are, you just want to see the finished product

in front of you.


Needless to say, the things I have left unfinished

may be moving slowly towards completion,

may not be coming together quick enough,


But as slow as the snail who eventually makes it to its destination,

The puzzle, the unfinished product slowly comes together.


There are days I may get frustrated, tired,

and angry.

I may leave it unattended for weeks, months, years,

I may never come back to it,

But those ones I come back to

shall not be partially done or left Unfinished.



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unfinished”

  1. I love this. I had written a poem about my Mom and it was lost for many years… After she passed away, I was looking through some things and found it. It was unfinished. It only took me about 45 minutes to finish it exactly the way it was supposed to be!! Perfect poem@

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  2. Yes. Nothing that is started is truly unfinished, even if put aside for a while, until we close our eyes for the last time on Earth. I like your metaphor of putting together a puzzle. Slowly pieces come into place. There is no need to rush to see the whole thing; we can enjoy the process, the building, the watching, and the waiting. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine upon you and yours. . .

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