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Discover Challenge: Outer Layers

via Discover Challenge: Outer Layers
Filling Her Shoes

Audrey knew she couldn’t afford to miss the mark.

The “Miss Fashionista” show started by her mum, was the only way she could feel close to her plus she wanted to make her proud.

She needed to let her know her choice in fashion had improved since the last five years and that she could handle the job.

“The woman had been called the “diva of fashion” for a reason. She stood proud and tall whenever she walked into a room”.

She stood in front of the massive wardrobe pondering on what to wear




she said to the first three combinations she made.


Here we go-red stiletto hills to help bring out the outline of her back, black fitted skirt to show her curvaceousness and a lacey red top to die for giving a hint of cleavage.

Now this said everything-a grown up, a player, a master minded person, one who could play the game and play it well.

Finally, a statement to tell all about the arrival of the “new and improved” Audrey Brian Mcknight.

She was going to be the new “Fashionista” taking over the Mcknight fashion empire and she couldn’t afford to disappoint her. These were big shoes she had to fill in.

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