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Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

In my minds eye I protest,

Protest about the ever growing voilence of our world.

Protest about the ever growing pain.

I open my mouth to speak

But i’m consumed by my own violence and protest,

By my fears and lack of strength to do anything.

It is not enough to walk away and coil in the shadows of hope

So i protest.

But to who?

Is it not enough that past generations have dealt with this

never-ending cycle?.

In my heart, I silently say a prayer

Praying that the hurt and bloodshed would seize.

Praying that the world would know love.

Finally, in my own little way i protest with my words,

with my vocabs, with flowing words that entwine the mind and the heart.

Silently, my words escape from my hushed mouth

Flowing with ease onto scratch pads, onto my screen.

Finally, i find my way out of the shadows to be heard.

I Protest for Love, Unity, Oneness.

Dinamic Dynasty

Copyright © 2016

All Rights Reserved.


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