Daily Prompt: Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasure


The heart is like a treasure

It sits, it waits

Waiting to be found.

Like a flower

Waiting to bloom

Never rushing

It sits, it waits

Waiting on its season

To come.

Like a chest

Hidden with valuables

It sits, it waits

Waiting to be opened.


It may be prodded

It may be goaded

But it never hastens


Love is its captain

It sails the four corners

of the earth

Looking, searching.

It looks high, It looks



It wanders and follows


To the North, to the South

To the east, to the West

Sometimes disappointed

Sometimes coming up short


But Love doesn’t give up

It prodds the sea

It goads the mind

Hastening to find that one heart


Like a captain

In search of its ship

It journeys far and beyond


At last, he finds it

The treasure, the flower, the chest.

A shudder, excitement, pleasure,



With delicate hands, he picks it up

Slowly working at its locks

Careful not to break or damage it


Finally, out of the chest comes the


The captain finds his ship

He finds his soulmate

He finds that missing heart


Hearts entwined, love blossoming,

they fade into the horizon,

Never looking back.


Dinamic Dynasty

Copyright © 2016

All rights reserved.



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