Words of Wisdom


No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men (1)

After being gone for a long while from my blog, I am glad to come back today, a day that is being celebrated all over the world “international womens day” to commemorate and recognize women “our mothers, our sisters, our aunts” (if i forgot a description feel free to add). I get to use this venture to say Happy International Women’s day to all women.

Everyday of a woman’s life is a headstrong battle to prove herself that she is worthy of the task laid before her. From being a wife to being a mother, from being a student to being a working woman, “no easy feat”.  We have come from an age where women where not allowed to vote, not allowed to have a voice, not allowed to work, not allowed to have an education and we keep going.

Mighty women have laid their lives down to pave this way and this day for us but there is still more work to be done.

Today, women all over the world celebrate this unique day set aside and stand tall not letting anything hinder this joy.

The joys of womanhood will forever be something we marvel at and adore in our lives.

We stand tall, we stand proud to be women.

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