Words of Wisdom

The uprise of the mind

You can’t do it

You can’t make it

Everyone is just patronizing you

Give it up, the numbers speak the truth.

What ever do you expect to accomplish with this?

The emotions builds up.

Why do you do it, you ask yourself?

Do you do it for the numbers of likes and views or for the sheer joy of being able to live and express yourself in ways you couldn’t except by the use of your gifts and abilities?

It eats you up, tormenting your very existence, limiting you to nothing but a pulp within yourself. You search and question yourself. It pushes you into the shadows. Finally you give up.

“I would know because that has been me since I started my blog”.

“The constant parade of doubting my self, my work-the essence for starting this blog all fades into the shadows because i allow my thoughts of self doubt and fear to outweigh my ambition, my gift-of writing from the heart, of living the dream”.

You start looking at things not from your view point but from the view point of the sub concious. After struggling with low self-esteem and doubts, you lay the words, the potential, the fun of it, the joy of it to rest.

In the end we achieve nothing but self pity for ourselves. We make our joys a statistic of failure.

But doubt/self doubt does not have to win, and does not need to make us a statistic.

Rather, we should face our doubts/fears like the warrior who is ready and determind to defeat its enemy on the battle field. Only then will we rise above our doubts/self doubt, our self pity.

Only then will we know the true meaning of our self worth for without self worth, there is no strive to push forward.

Today let us say we know who we are, we know our self worth and are ready to push through the barricades of all that limit us.

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