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My First Time

via Daily Prompt: Nuance


We were in the twentieth century, but somehow I felt we were back in the eighteenth century watching my grandfather match forth to fight for his rights and that of others not knowing what the outcome would be. Not knowing we would still be fighting and marching the same line he’d towed.

My father had told me about the numerous marches he’d gone on with his father, “my grandfather” sitting up high on his shoulders and other times holding his own little protest board, and how those were the best times spent together-“It brought our community together” he would say for we understood the purpose of the march. We were one colour, one head.

That morning, as we got out of the house, the sun beginning to show its fiery head, and the birds chirping in the trees, I no more saw the Nuances in my family for we were all marching for the same thing that morning. “We were one”. You ready son? Yes dad!

Outside, I could see the people of different race and colour, just like my family rushing forth with their banners and boards in tow heading to the marching ground.

The march began around 10am with the leader shouting words from his megaphone starting with “I have a dream”. Some carried their children on their shoulders into the march, whiles others stood on the side lines so they could see above the nuances of heads standing in front of them and making the march.

My small ten year old left hand was tucked safely in papa’s dark chocolate right hands whiles his left hand proudly held a stick attached to his protest board. My right hand was tucked in Andrews’ whose skin was so light like caramel sometimes i thougt the sun would melt him away. Andrews other hand held onto Akua’s whose skin reminded me of chocolate bars i would sneak into my backpack to eat anytime mummy wasn’t looking. Akua held onto uche and uche held onto mummy.

My small figurine could not be compared to the  nuances of broad and slender shoulders lined side by side as they took the first step into the making history. Although it was my first march, i knew i would remember it for a long time into my adulthood.

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