Words of Wisdom

Study to show thyself approved to thy self

In our day to day life, not everyone will agree with our thoughts, our likes, our dislikes, our personalities and our achievements. There are days when we feel we are not appreciated enough and we try to live according to the standards of others just so we will be accepted.

But the question is, why do we need to please others inorder to be fulfilled?

Is it because of the trust we have in them or the association we have”which ever way or form that comes in” that makes us want to belittle ourselves?

Is it because we feel we have no one else except for these individuals that is why we seek their approval in all things?

What ever it may be, “study to show thy self approved onto self”.

Be your own uplifter- Tell yourself I can do it, I look beautiful, I look handsome, each day as you stand in front of the mirror, in front of the dresser, the wardrobe. Smile each day at yourself whether in the mist of company or not “no matter how strange and weird it may feel”.

Overlook the negatives people see in you and look at the positives. Let your positives shine and let it speak for you. Sometimes, the things people see as negative may actually be your positive, causing you to shine.

Don’t be your own worst enemy. People will say all manner of things be that you are black, white, thin, big, short, or tall, poor, rich. Criticizing and down casting yourself won’t help to solve your problem. Rather embrace who you are with confidence and gut and work on improving self if need be.

Lastly, approve of yourself even before you let someone else do the approving for you. Love yourself. As someone wise once said “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” Mark Twain

Live life never regretting.



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