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My Culture of Patterns (Africa)

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Culture of Pattern

Its the way everything flows in my mind

Coming together to form an indescribable

image in my mind.

Its the neat way I tie my head gear

Immersed with bright and dark

Colour patterns  showing my artistry

in the art of head ties

Its the way my ear-rings plasttered with

clean lines, zig-zaggy lines of hand painted designs adorn

my ear lobes.

It’s the stone beads, and glass beads

Laying atop of each other

With patterns of prestine shapes, sizes,

And lines that tell a story of the artist

laying delicately around my neck

Upon my chocolate skin

Its the tiny round beads of different colours

Sitting around my waist in a soft gentle flow

Shaking as I swing my waist from left to right

Its the cultural patterns and motifs of a nation

Weaved into the kente cloth, dyed onto the batik,

Painted onto the tie and dye

To give a Beautiful cloth to be used as an attire

After it’s pieced together and sown.

This is my culture, my culture of patterns.

These are my patterns, patterns of home,

Patterns of Africa.

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Copyright © 2017




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