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Record Of My Life-The Accident

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Record of my Life

On the 6th of February, coming back from work in the morning, I had an accident. Now before this accident, I thought of myself as a good driver, the perfect driver who obeyed all the road signs and speed limits. But that morning, all my skills and manuver could not save me from rear ending the person infront of me.

The snow had been falling the night before and it continued into the morning. Driving home, i took my time making sure not to get close to any car in front of me.

I would say I had been doing good for the most part of the day until about 10 mins away from home, the accident happened. Was it bad luck? Was it the enemy coming after me? was it me not paying attention to my surrounding?

Thankfully I and the other party were not injured.

Now I have the incident of that morning imprinted and recorded in my mind. Sadly, I always go into replay mode when i get behind the wheel and the question i ask myself after my record has replayed in my mind is what if it had all gone wrong, what if my daughter had been in the car with me.

Although this record torments my mind, all i can say is thank God for his mercies.

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