Lets Get That Kettle Going

If you love cooking or are the reverse, then 99% of the time, you rely on your kettle for all things associated with water because it’s a fast and efficient way to get the water boiling.

In being fast and efficient, this life saver also has a nasty habit of leaving behind a white residue (ugly white stuff known as calcium or magnesium) making the inside of the kettle look nasty.

And that is how I found my kettle again today after cleaning it a month ago (what is the appropraite time frame for cleaning a kettle?)

The magic behind getting it clean again, Vinegar-that household item that is normally tucked behind the cupboards or storage room if you like me who does not use her’s for much.

A generous amount of water in the kettle plus the vinegar, or (1/2 & 1/2), bring water mixture to a boil and you should get your kettle looking all brand new again.

Easy peesy.


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