Breakfast of Love

So yesterday, I decided to cook my hubby and I a hearty breakfast since most mornings he is at work by 6A.M. I cooked up the works except the pancakes cos generally I like pancakes and he doesn’t that much.

Now in my process of cooking, I ended up creating a fruit plate which in all honesty, i’m not sure where the idea came from but i loved it and fell in love with it “I call it the plate of the unfinished butterfly”.

I call it unfinished because it was only after I had taken this picture before I realised where my mind was taking me with this art.

Looking at it, I plan to explore it further and see what other crazy ideas I can come up with.

Needless to say, there is a whole lot of creativity in us waiting to bust out and I am going to explore this all the way to the bank.






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