I’m not much of a fun for blue cheese but couldn’t resist trying something new with what i had on hand. I must say I really enjoyed the end result and it’s something the whole family will enjoy too. (Who doesn’t love pasta). Let me know your thoughts on this recipe if you do try it out.


Any brand spaghetti


Artic Gardens Stir Fry (Thai Style)

1 cup Pre cooked Shrimps

1 cup Baby scallops

1/2 an Onion


2 cloves garlic


Pepper to spice

(Please note that vegetables are frozen. It can be thawed in the microwave or cooked directly on heat)


2 tbs Flour

2 tbsButter

1 cup Milk


Blue cheese


Step 1

In a big pot, bring water to a boil and cook some spaghetti

Add salt to taste and a bit of oil to cooking water to prevent  sticking

When pasta is done cokking save about 2 cups of pasta water

Step 2

In a second big pan, add one tablespoon of oil and allow to heat up.

Add scallops once oil is hot enough and let brown slightly

Put in a separate bowl and set aside

Add two tablespoon of oil to warm pan and add chopped onions (preferrably into chunks) and thinly sliced garlic

Add salt once translucent and pepper if desired

Add desired amount of vegetable to pan and add about 1 cup pasta water

Cover and allow to cook down on medium heat

Check and season to desired taste

Step 3

In a medium saucepan well heated add butter and allow to melt

Add flour when butter is hot and stir continously until flour loses its raw smell

Once flour is cooked down gradually add milk until you have a thick consistency

(If too thick, add a bit more milk)

Add chunks of blue cheese but not too much to overpoer mix

Add salt and black pepper for tast

Transfer mix into pot of vegetable which should be cooked by then

(Do not let vegetables go mushy)

Stir together, taste for salt then add cooked scallops and shrimps

Add pasta, stir around and ready to serve.










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