Medley of Africa

If you are African, then you know that plantain is a delicacy for most African countries. Ghana, a continent in West Africa has a variety of ways of consuming this staple delicacy. I will be showing casing a number of them on the blog which I have themed “Medley of Africa”. As such this will be #1 Medley of Africa show casing the ripe plantain and will range from easy to intermediate. If you love plantain as i do, let me know which way you prepare it and from which country the recipe is coming from in the comments section. Hope you enjoy.

My first plantain show cased here is called “Kelewele”… Generally Kelewele is made in a mixture of spices and can be condumed in different ways. My first medley is non spicey and very easy to make. It can be consumed as a meal on its own or be made as a side dish.

Hope you enjoy this first Medley.


Broccoli                                                                Plantain

Chicken                                                                Rice

Zucchini                                                              Carrots


Bell peppers



Step 1 Chicken

Season Chicken and raost in oven at a low temperature

Check often so it does not burn.

Turn with a cooking tong once first side is browned

Cooked when its browned all over

Allow to rest then serve with rice and veggie

Step 2 Rice

In a medium sized heated pot add two tablespoons of oil.

Add 1 tablespoon rooster chicken broth mix powder to oil and allow to cook down for 5 mins

Add three cups of water or veggie broth to mix then add rice

Taste for salt

Cover, allow to cook until rice is soft and fluffy

Step 3 Veggies

In a hot sauce pan, add two tablespoons of oil and add garlic

Allow to cook down a few minutes and add veggie mix.

Season and add a bit of water or broth to cook veggie down

Taste for crunch and set aside off fire.

Step 4 Plantain

Get two fingers of plantain

Wash, peel and dice up

Add salt for taste

In a frying pan, pour oil and heat up

Once hot, fry plantains until colour is golden brown

Ready to eat




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