African Medley # 2 “Tatale”

This recipe can be called many names from Plantain pancakes, Plantain flapJacks, Plantain griddle cakes. Locally in Ghana, this is called “TATALE”.

They are normally fried in palm oil to give it its sought of reddish colour and for the health benefits of this oil. One can also use Canola oil in frying it.

This is eaten either with a bean sauce or of recent months, I’ve come to enjoy eating it with a good sauce of spinach stew.

Hope you enjoy it.

As always, let me know if there is another name for this wonderful delicay.


4-5 fingers Ripe Plantain


1 Onion

1 Pepper



11/2 cup Flour

2 cups beans

1 can tomato


Step one

In a medium sauce pan pour beans, wash, fill pot with water, set on fire on a medium heat, add oil to water to prevent water from bubbling over. Allow to cook until beans is soft.

Divide onion and pepper into halves, Peel plantain, onion, and ginger. Cut up into blender and add half pepper. Add salt to taste. Cover Blender and blend till everything is mixed well together.

(In its authentic recipe, a mortar and a pistel would be used to get a sought of lumpy consistency. If you would like to have the lumpy consistency, then please grind pepper, onion and ginger first before adding plantain and the pulse. This recipe is a bit spicey. if you can’t handle spice, then reduce pepper and ginger).

Pour contents into a bowl, taste for salt and gradually add flour till you get a think paste but not too heavy.

Allow to rest about 20-30, then start frying.

Step 2 

In a frying pan, pour some oil into it and allow to warm up.

Once hot, pour about a ladel of mixture into the hot pan

Monitor frying until both sides are evenly browned

Step 3

In a different pan, add oil and allow to warm up.

Chop half of onion and add to hot oil

Allow onion to cook down

Open tomatoes and pour into blender, add pepper

Blend till you have a smoth consistency.

Add salt to onion which should have started to brown and pour in tomato sauce

Allow tomato to cook down for about 30 mins, taste and season to desired taste.

Pour cooked beans onto tomato sauce. Stir and cook down for.

Taste for salt and we ready to serve.



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