Words of Wisdom

#Wednesday Motivation


You cannot avoid the fact that life demands much of you. What you can do, is demand even more of yourself.

Expect more of yourself than others expect of you. Then instead of being pressured by the expectations and demands of others, you’ll already be way ahead of those expectations.

Set your standards higher than anyone else you know, and live each moment true to those high standards. You’ll never have to be concerned about failing to meet anyone else’s standards.

Set your own deadlines, far in advance of those deadlines you will have to meet. Then, instead of rushing to catch up, you’ll already be able to move forward to whatever is next.

Life is demanding, yet you can choose to be even more demanding of yourself. That enables you to meet the demands of life on your own terms.

And lastly,  choose to see life’s demands not as a burden, but as an opportunity. Get out ahead of those demands, where you can work on your own terms to create achievement, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

Culled from Daily Motivator.


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