Daily Prompts, poetry

Oh How I Wish

Image Credit: Apalkin Pavlo

via Daily Prompt: Gray

Everything looked gray as I sat waiting for you

I knew you were gone;  I think I did. I’d been told

But everything was such a haze. The beautiful skies

Had even turned against me. The smile was gone, the

Colour was gone. All that lay ahead of me was a gray mass

Of open space. If only I had something to fill the void. The open

Waters was supposed to bring peace like when we walked down it

Holding hands but instead it lay dead, frigid, and cold. I wish I could

Clear the gray with some blue but the blue is lost from me. The blues are

all mingled up, dissipating until finally I am only left with ashes of you in an urn

Sitting on the mantel. Oh how I wish the hands of time could wind back to the days

Of bliss, filled with colour and us.


Copyright © 2017






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