The Mystry of Food

Image Credit: Slyadn∈v Oleksandr

Its the way you make me feel.

Lost in translation and into a world

Of oblivion. Hocus pocus, a trance, a daze,

Confusion, it all works to my advantage. You bring

Me closer to you like never before as I experience your

Texture, your feel, your smell, your colour, and everything

That makes you who you are.

In times of sorrow, you bring two together, in times of joy, you

Bring more together. As little as you may come, you go a long way

To bring a smile on our faces good or bad.

Alone with you gives me the freedom to explore your exquisite details

and delicacy. Finally fulfilled and satisfied, I lay my tools down, celebrating you

For a well achieved menu in a life time. You and I share and celebrate a friendship that

goes beyond common comrades. And so in my last days I pass you on to the next, never

To be lost in time or translation.


Copyright © 2017


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