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Unvailing the Mask

Image Credit: Apalkin Pavlo

via Daily Prompt: Roots

Afia walked into the house, a cloud of daze upon her and her appearance not one to behold but who was looking. The whole room grew silent as she approached Akwesi’s body. Barely two years into the marriage and this-A lifeless body gathered on the cold concrete floor of the house entrance.

No one knew how it happened.

Kwaku had been less than a month. Sammy a year. Her longest relationship seemed to have lasted for four years with Alex the chocolate skin of a hunk whom all the village girls seemed to fall for. It was a relationship she held dear to her heart but had been doomed from the beginning.

Auntie Naa had tried to warn her.

Auntie Naa sat at the back of the house shaking her head and murmuring to herself “I keep telling them but no one wants to listen”. “They all think they know the answers”

“No one wants to hear the words of the old sphincter. ”

Afia slowly walked towards auntie exhaustion written all over her body, she slumped onto the ground beside auntie and said “I am ready, I need to know. Why is all this happening to me?”

Auntie looked at her and with fire in her eyes said one word “Roots”. Roots?, Afia asked in confusion, nausea about to take over her body.

Roots auntie said again. Go back to the roots, there you will find the answers. It is the only way to save yourself and this child.

I was late in dealing with my roots but you still have time. The old lady sitting at the edge of the water will help you unvail the mask.

Slowly, Afia got up to her feet, each step towards the water front weighted by the masks of the past-a past she had no part in but had inheritted through no fault of hers.


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