Daily Motivator

This is The Time That Counts

If you’ve wasted the whole day, or many days, or years, that’s unfortunate. But it is behind you and it doesn’t stop you from making the most of right now.

If you’re disappointed for any reason in what has happened up to this moment, choose to transform the energy of that disappointment into inspiration. Use the positive inspiration to immediately start making up for the lost time.

While you’re at it, add some gratitude for the chance you have now. See how enthusiastic you can be about the opportunity to make a difference.

You don’t have to re-write history, yet you can now relate to it any way you choose. Choose to let all that has happened, whatever it may be, teach you and encourage you to live this moment in a meaningful and productive way.

You’ve made your way to right now, and you’ve earned the chance to live it fully. With your actions, your priorities, your words, attitude and thoughts, give yourself what you’ve earned.

This is the time that counts and this is your moment to use it. Much has happened to bring you here, and now you can make it all for the best

Culled from: Daily Motivator


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