#Wedneday Motivation-Offer Serenity


There are times and circumstances when life offers you serenity. There are many more times when you can offer serenity to life’s circumstances, whatever they are.

Serenity is a powerful effective state. Serenity enables you to be purposeful, intentional and focused rather than fearful, anxious and reactionary.

You can choose to hold a sense of powerful, peaceful sense of serenity within, no matter what is going on around you. When you do, that serenity flows outward to great benefit.

Let the constant chattering of your mind subside. Release the need for judgment and worry.

See that the most important thing is not who wins or who loses. What really matters is the preciousness of life itself and adding richness to life.

For the moment, allow what is to be what is. Feel deep serenity and in that good feeling see and follow a positive way forward for all.

Culled from Daily Motivator


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