Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram

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As she turned to look at the time, she dreaded going back to sleep. Lina had been getting the same recurring dream for weeks now and could not move past it. She kept asking herself what the dream meant, but could not find an answer. She had been working on some school work and had not realized how fast the time had gone.

Maintaining a four point GPA in her class was no easy feat. For as long as she could remember, she had always wanted to provide care to the weak and help give them a satisfying life and for this reason, she had started volunteering to get closer to the patients. She wanted to understand their wants and needs, and one day help improve the health system.

Her parents had thought her to be giving and appreciative of others. At a young age, she knew volunteering her time and sharing her love would be good to those who needed it most.

Getting into the Medical program at University of Calgary had been a dream come true for her. At age eighteen she prided herself for making it through her first year. Most people had either changed programs, left the program or were retaking a course. First year had been a breeze for her but second year was taking its toll on her and she knew she had to work hard if she wanted to make her dreams come true. It also meant shaking off this dream and making sure she was not distracted from her studies.

Looking at the time, she realised it was eleven o’clock pm in Calgary.

Oh boy! I forgot to call mum. It was now ten o clock pm in Vancouver but her mum sometimes stayed up late working. Picking up the phone, she dialed her mother’s number and after a few rings, she heard the answering machine; “Hi, this is Laura Williams, sorry I missed your call. Leave a detailed message and I will get back to you”. At the sound of the beep, Lina left a message “Hi mum, it’s Lina, just checking in to see how you are doing. Sorry for the late call, I lost track of the time, will try again in the morning before heading out to school. Take care, bye”.

After hanging up, she headed towards the bathroom to get ready for bed. After thirty minutes, she got out of the bathroom and got ready for bed but just as she got into bed, she remembered she had to call her sisters. She picked up the phone ready to dial the number of Naana her younger sister, but decided to call them in the morning. The long shower had done well on her body. Her stiff bones were now relaxed and every ounce of tension in the body was gone. For the next thirty minutes, she laid in bed wondering about the next few weeks. In a few weeks to come she would be vacating and going home to see the family. Family time at home was always fun and interesting except when their dad had to do his monthly trips. As she laid thinking of the events of the upcoming week, she slowly drifted off to sleep but like a night creeper, the dreams crept up again.

Naana looked at the time and was shocked at how late it was. It was eleven o clock pm and she could not believe she had spent six hours straight studying. She loved going dancing with her friends and occasionally going to the movies but today, she had left the party group earlier than anticipated in order to get some studying done.

Like her sister Lina, she, at eighteen years, was at the top of her class, had a four point GPA and was in her second year. She knew she had had it easy during her first semester but second semester was nothing to joke with. Her whole life was around animals. She just couldn’t seem to get enough of them. To her, being a vet was her life and lucky for her she was enrolled in University of Alberta’s undergraduate veterinary program. In a few weeks, the school would be on vacation and she was planning on volunteering at Mr. and Mrs. Krimpell’s animal clinic.  The clinic was always busy but she could not get enough of it. As a kid, she loved animals and could not help falling in love with them every time she saw them. She had nursed a few animals; “birds, puppies, cats, even a baby deer, once when they were up the cabin with their folks” back to health with the help of her sisters and mother and she treasured those days so dearly. Now, in a few weeks’ time, she would be back at “blossom with care animal clinic” volunteering again. After that long stretch of studying, she decided to wrap up her studies and get ready for bed but not before calling her mum.

Where is that phone she asked herself? After rummaging through the whole 680 square ft. apartment, she finally found it tucked between some books on the study table. She dialed her mum’s number but got the answering machine. She left a short message for her mum and then decided to call her sister Kiana. She dialed her number and waited for her to pick up but got her voice mail. “Hi Kay, hope you good. Just checking in to see how you doing. It seems I missed you so will try again in the morning”.

After hanging up the phone she decided to get ready for bed. She proceeded towards the bathroom to take a shower as she felt sticky. After thirty-five minutes, she immerged from the bathroom and got ready for bed. Jumping into bed, she plumed the pillow up a bit, lay down, and slowly drifted off to sleep. As she drifted off, the dreams started. Immediately, she woke up and tried to shake it off. She got herself a glass of water from the kitchen and got back into bed again but the dreams took over her thoughts. She woke up scared, not knowing what to do. She had been getting this same dream over and over for the past week and could not understand it. After sitting for thirty minutes flipping through TV channels, she got into bed again and drifted off to sleep. Like the creepy crawlies, it crept up again but this time, she could not wake up and slept through it.

Kiana came into the house at eleven-ten taking off her shoes and jacket at the door and shoved them into the closet. The air was a bit chilly as it had been raining all day. The rains had finally settled but one could still feel the sting of the cool air it had left behind.

The grand house sat atop the hills of Vancouver’s Silver-spoons neighbourhood. The house was surrounded by trees of all kinds almost hiding it. The outside of the house, built of sand lime bricks looked like any ordinary house but the inside of the house could melt your heart away. From the foyer to the living room, the place was magnificently decorated. At a glance you would think it was a show piece. Mrs. Laura Williams always gave her best at everything and liked giving the place a homely vibe with her baking and fresh flower décor from her garden.

She was big on home décor and had some of the most fascinating art works on display in the house. Sometimes, she wondered why she had not opened an interior decorating place. She always told her children, “A woman’s home says a lot about her, first impressions are always important”. The smell of freshly baked cookies was always irresistible in the Williams’ home, another attribute of Mrs. Laura. Smelling the freshly baked cookies, Kiana hurried into the kitchen calling out for her mother. Of the three girls, Kiana had chosen to school in Vancouver and so stayed at home with her parents’ whiles commuting to school with a friend.

Mum! In the kitchen hon, shouted Laura. Kiana found her mother in the kitchen and walked towards her.

Hi mum, she said, quickly giving her a hug and reaching for the cookies. No! The other one, Laura said. Her mum always made an extra batch of cookies for when she was around. Laura was trying a new recipe for her company “cookies of love”.

The family had recently opened a new facility for cookies and the masses had received them really well. The demand for their cookies was so high; the company had to put in double time just to meet up with the demands. It had always been Laura’s dream to bake cookies and other pastries and she was happy she was getting to live the dream. Her assistant would be picking up the new batch for testing early in the morning and she did not want to dilly-dally on it.

How was your day sweetheart, asked her mum? It was okay! Hectic, and tiring, but manageable replied Kiana.

Did dad leave yet? Yes, he left a little after noon. He should be back in a week.

Lawrence Williams was a business man and owner of Williams Incorporated. He had hotels all-round the country and most of it catered to the rich and famous. He had gotten into the business right after finishing school and with Laura by his side, they had built an empire. Once a month, he would travel to the different locations to see how things were faring. Recently, the addition of his wife’s cookie company had added to the expansion of their empire but at least Laura took care of that. The girls hardly saw him when they were home on vacation but they always had a great time when he was around.

Well I just finished the last batch so I’m heading off to bed.

Let me know what you think of them in the morning, Okay!

Okay mum, I’ll see you in the morning.

Goodnight mum. Night hon.

Taking a few more of the cookies, she headed in the direction of her room. Wow, these are really good, she said out loud. I wonder what mum put in these. Her day had been okay, apart from all the work she had allowed to pile up till the last minute. She had to finish two essays for two of her business classes, write two songs for two of her music classes and write one more song for her stage performance for finals. Taking two majors was nothing to joke about. Luckily, UBC had a great business and music program. As much as she hated the pile up, she also loved the rush she got whenever she had to work double time and the effort she had to put in just to get it done — It was a rush she could not get enough of but this was the last time she let her work pile up like this. Come to think of it, I always say that after every assignment she said laughing at herself.

The work load for second year was not any easy but at eighteen years, she had managed to keep a GPA that was beyond any body’s imagination and she planned on keeping it that way till semester end. Her friends had thought she was crazy when she told them she was taking a double major. She had wanted to drop one of her programs for one major but talking to her dad had lifted up her confidence again. Letting out a big sigh, she headed straight for the bathroom. I just need a warm bath and head straight to bed.

After taking her warm bath, she got dressed and laid in bed for a while recollecting the day’s events. In a few weeks’ time, school would be out and she could focus on some studio work for her music. Professor Allan Mathews had introduced her to a friend who owned a music studio and had asked her to come by when school was on break. Her talent was so remarkable that Professor Allan thought she could go far with the right people around her. As she got into a comfortable state on the bed, the dreams crept in, hunting her in her sleep. She tried to scream, and wake up but she could not. It felt like she was glued to her bed. After struggling through the night with the dreams, she finally woke up to morning and the sound of the phone ringing.

She hurried to find it. Aha! There you are she said out loud. “Hello”! She said into the phone now fully awake.

Hi sunshine, the voice at the other end said; hi Lina, what’s up? But before Lina could answer, Kiana asked another question, how come I didn’t hear from you yesterday? Sorry Kay, I lost track of the time. Lina had been calling her Kay since childhood and it had stuck. Have you heard from Naana, Lina asked? No, replied kay. Let me three way call her. She put Lina on hold, and dialed Naana’s number. After a few rings, she answered.

Hello! Hi Naana, it’s Kay, Lina is on the line, let me put her through.

Ok, we are on, said kay, and the conversation started from all sides.

The girls had built a strong relationship amongst them and were inseparable. They always completed each other’s conversation, sentences, and liked chatting endlessly. They were all of the same height and almost looked alike except for some slight differences.

Lina had a slender face with dark ebony hair which glistened in the sunlight, deep blue eyes like the flow of the ocean, lips as red as strawberry and stood at six feet. She had the body of an athlete and was well built for it. She always made it a point to visit the gym for at least an hour a day and run marathons when she had the chance. She also loved swimming and she liked volunteering at one of the local hospitals whenever school was out and loved hanging out with Anisa, her best friend.

Naana had curly dark hair and also stood at six feet. She had a slender face with rosy cheeks and light blue eyes with a speck of white in it, soft spoken and tender at heart. Like her sister, she was also well built and loved Tai kwon do and meditating. She had thick lips and was also of African descent although people sometimes thought she was Caucasian. As a kid, she had participated in Tai Kwon do competitions and had always placed first. The walls of her room were adorned with trophies and medals. In her spare time, she helped teach the students at master Chans class and volunteered at “blossom with care animal clinic”. She loved going dancing with her friends.

Kiana, the baby also stood at six feet and loved music, and boxing. She had fiery red eyes and red wavy hair. She was strong willed but tender at heart. She had a slender face with high cheek bones and a great jaw line; which could pass her for a model. She loved going for early morning jogs to get her blood awake for the day and loved the morning air on her skin. She loved bungie jumping and baking like her mum.

The beauty of the girls was remarkable.

Like little kids they continued chatting until they realised they had to go get ready for school.

Each girl quickly rushed to go get ready for school and head out. With a full day ahead, they could not afford to be late. Finally! Done! They said heading out the door to their various destinations.


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