Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram

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Continuation of Chapter one.

Lina lived five minutes from the bus stop so the walk was gladly welcomed. As she neared the bus stop, she could not help but think someone was following and watching her. She stopped and turned around but did not find anyone around. Luckily, she saw the bus approaching as she turned the corner. She quickly run to the bus stop and made it just in time.

Hi Eddy! Hi Lina! How’s the family? She asked the driver, they’re good Lina, thanks for asking. You almost did not make it there. Smiling, Lina gave a thumb up and headed to the back to find a seat. The ride to school took about twenty minutes, and then she had to walk about fifteen more minutes to get to school.

Finally, the bus came to a stop. She thanked Eddy and got off. A few meters down the road she felt the peering eye of someone on her but there was no one around. Taking out her phone, she called her best friend Anisa.

Depending on whoever got to the spot first, they waited for the other to arrive and walked to school together. Dialling her friend’s number, she waited to hear her voice. Luckily, on the first ring, Anisa picked up.

Hey, where are you, she asked?

I’m at the usual place, waiting for you.

Okay, I should be there in a few minutes. I just got off the bus; she said and engaged her friend in conversation as she made her way towards her.

A few minutes later, she saw her friend and shouted out her name waving.

Hi! They both chimed. They hugged each other and turned in the direction of the school. Lina kept looking back but could not see anyone.

Anisa saw the reaction on her friends face and asked if she was ok? I’m not sure, I feel like someone has been following me since I left home. Anisa turned to look round and said, no, there is no one there. Are you sure, I feel like someone is watching me. It’s just your imagination, said Anisa.

Anisa was like a fourth sister to Lina and her sisters. They had met in junior high and had instantly hit it off. She was always found in the company of the three sisters and they had done everything together, thus earning them the name “four goddesses” in senior high. Anisa stood at six feet and was fierce in whatever activity she took. She loved swimming to help keep fit and went to the gym thrice a week.  She was in her second year of medical school at U of C and planned on being a surgeon. She loved fashion and was always up to date on the latest gossip in school.

Looking at the time, they quickly hurried off to get to class before Mrs. Lin Chu closed the door. Mrs. Chu was a strict but loving slender tall Asian lady with black hair and deep brown eyes who disliked lateness and disruptions in her class. Once she started class, you had to wait out until she reopened the door again. The girls made it just in time for Mrs. Chu was late that day. Everyone settled in their seats as Mrs. Chu began her lesson for the day. She always made the class so fun and made the difficult stuff seem so simple. No wonder her infectious disease I class was always full.

The day went by so fast Lina hardly noticed until Anisa came to tell her she was heading home. She was in the library when Anisa came by. Okay, I’ll come with you. I need to get something to eat anyway.

The girls headed out to the bus stop and found Andy already there loading the bus with students. They quickly got on and sat in the back. Soon, the bus took off and in twenty minutes time, Lina was at her bus stop. She got off and headed for home. She felt the same uneasy feeling she had been feeling earlier on and run the rest of the way home. Luckily, she was about five minutes closer to her home.

As soon as she got into her apartment, her phone rang. She quickly grabbed it from her bag and answered it, it was Naana. Lina! Her sister said in a hushed toned voice. Hi Naana, I think there is someone following me but I can’t see anyone around though. That’s weird, said Lina, I felt the same thing this morning when I was heading to school and this evening when I was heading home. How far are you from your place?  About a minute away, Naana said. Some seconds later, she told Lina she was inside her apartment. Okay, make sure you lock your doors and I will talk to you in a bit. Okay, said Naana and hanged up.

Lina went into the kitchen to find something to eat and got ready for bed. She called her sister to check on her and after talking for a while; they said their goodnights and headed off to bed.

The next few weeks of school went by very fast. The sisters kept in touch with one another until the weeks leading up to exams. Exams week went by so fast and before long, exams were over. The school was now quiet as Lina and Anisa left the grounds. They were the last batch to write their papers and they could not wait to get home.

Lina turned to Anisa and asked, what are you planning on doing with this vacation? I think I’ll be here said Anisa. Mom and dad travelled so no point in going back to an empty house. Okay, then you must come with me. Mum would love seeing you. Besides I won’t take no for an answer. Heck! I shouldn’t even be inviting you; you have a key for pete’s sake. They both laughed out loud. Okay, replied Anisa, Should be fun. I wonder what troubles we are going to brew up this time around. Well, said Lina, we just have to wait and see, she said laughing.

At eleven-thirty pm, the girls were piled in front of the fire place with their mum. The night was calm and peaceful with no hint of disturbance. They talked about school, the family business, and family whiles Nala served tea and coffee with some biscuits. Nala had been with the family since the girls were brought home. She was very beautiful with dark skin and thick black hair. At five ft. tall, she had a round face with deep brown eyes, high cheek bones, and a strong jawline. She was like a second mother to the girls, always checking on them and making sure they were okay but there was something about her the girls could not place. She always seemed guarded about something. After serving them, she excused herself and went up to her room.

Oh mum, Anisa will be joining us later on, Lina said. That’s nice hon. It’s been a while I saw her. You four used to get into the weirdest situations. Please stay out of trouble this time around. The girls smiled giving each other a wink.

At midnight, they all decided to retire to their rooms and catch up in the morning. The girls quickly changed and headed down to the study area — they never slept early when they were home. They each got a book from the stacked shelves and sat down to read but unfortunately, they fell asleep even before they could open the book. Simultaneously, they started dreaming again but this time around, it felt real, everything was happening right there in the study room.

Suddenly there was a loud scream. As the scream travelled through the house, Laura and Nala woke up. As they got out of bed to investigate what was going on, the screams came again. They rushed out of their rooms to check in on the girls, but they were not there. They quickly rushed to the study room and found the girls asleep. Rushing towards them, they realised the screams were coming from kay whiles the other two were sweating profusely.

Laura tried to wake the girls up, but Nala stopped her. Nala quickly run to her room, and got a green bottle. She quickly poured it around the outline of each girl and holding onto her necklace, said the words “olivre et fush” which sounded like gibberish to Laura. Slowly, Lina and Naana came to but kay was still in a deep trance. With all the commotion going on, no one noticed Anisa standing in the room. Seeing what was going on, she asked Nala, in a different language, what is wrong? But Nala asked her to get her bottle and her necklace in the same language. She got it and joined her. In a small bowl, they both poured a little of the bottles content into the bowl, and added some ash to it. They sprinkled it around the outline of kay and together, said out their incantations. Immediately, Kay’s eyes were opened but she instantly fell into a deep sleep for her body had grown weak from all that had happened. The other girls were put to sleep in their rooms and a barrier of protection was created round their rooms.

Just as they thought the commotion had died down, the doorbell rang. Nala rushed to go check thinking it may be one of the neighbours, but she was surprised to see a figure standing outside the door in a striped shirt soaked with blood, a pair of tattered jeans and a pair of black shoes.

“Oh no, this can’t be said Nala. This definitely cannot be”. Laura came in to find out who was at the door but the shock on Nalas’ face told her the night was not over yet. There was confusion in the air.


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