The Fall of Savardoram-Chapter II

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Nala called for Anisa and told her; go find out what the problem is and be careful. Take Sosa with you. Anisa left immediately. The stranger unfortunately had some bruises on him. His wounds were dressed by Nala and he was given some concoction that would help him sleep through the night and heal his wounds. He was put into a guest room that Laura had prepared at the request of Nala.

It was late afternoon when the girls woke up. They found the rest of the company downstairs in the study talking and whispering. Coming in, they saw their dad and rushed to hug him. Hi sweethearts, hope you had a good sleep, he asked? Yes, they replied.

Except we had the strangest dream, each of the girls said. It felt like it was real.

Is there anything else you remember? They asked. Well it’s all a bit hazy but — I remember Nala and Anisa doing something to Kay, everything else is a haze, Lina said. Nala then asked, can you girls tell me what you were dreaming about. The girls looked at each other and each told of their dreams.

After they had each told of their dreams, Nala turned to Laura and Lawrence but remained quiet. After much thought she said to Laura, can you get our new friend downstairs? Laura stepped out of the study and headed upstairs for the young man. After a few minutes, Laura and the stranger headed down the stairs and into the study. As they appeared in the door way, the girls saw him and asked “who is he?” But Nala replied, all in due time.

Please sit down, Nala said to the young gentleman as he drew closer into the room. Where am I and how did I get here? He asked in a confused state and looking round the room. Hello Henry! This is the residence of the Williams, Nala said, as for how you got here, only you can answer that question. Do you remember anything that may have happened earlier on before you ended up at this door front? He sat there with a muddled look on his face and said “no” in an inaudible voice. W-w-wait, you said my name. How do you know my name? He asked Nala now irritated. You will soon get to know, she said.

Okay! Nala said exhausted from the events of the previous night. You four are lucky to be alive but by the sound of those dreams and those bruises you came in with you won’t be for long, she said facing the children. Well there isn’t much we can do here. We better get a move on before any more havoc is caused, Nala said.

Get a move on what, Henry asked? Look, I thank you for whatever it is you think you did for me Henry said blatantly, but don’t expect me to jump and follow you blindly. I barely remember the incidents of the nights, I have a splitting headache and now you want me to just follow you without any explanation. I am sure not interested in whatever this is but I do wish you all the best of luck he said cynically. He turned towards Laura, smiled and said; thank you for your hospitality and turned to leave.

As he turned to leave, Nala said in a strong voice, leave and you are dead. The bruises you had on you were no accident. If you want to live, you will come with me. I have spoken to Edwin, and he will be informing your parents about your where about. Lina and Naana could not help but wonder who he was but somehow Kay felt he had been in her dreams. I know you all have questions you need answers to but now is not the time to answer your questions. Like I said earlier on, in due time you will come to know and understand everything.

Well when that time comes, I will fight my own battles, he said and left.

Henry Edmund Johnson was not one who easily trusted people. It came with the territory. At eighteen years he stood at six feet and five inches with dark brown hair, hazel green eyes and a well-built stamina.

For the most part of his life, he had spent it in orphanages and foster homes always feeling like he didn’t belong and out of place. At one glance, people had been fascinated about him but never willing to adopt him. He’d had to fend for himself and found ways of staying alive without the other boys cheating or bullying him like they did the other kids. He had kept to himself and sometimes wondered why he was in this world and in this crazy place. It wasn’t until his fifteenth year that he was finally adopted by the Johnson’s.


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