The Fall of Savardoram-Chapter III

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Aileen and Martin Johnson had spent the most part of their lives in fertility clinics talking to specialists and trying out remedies suggested by friends and doctors which proved futile. We are never going to hear the cry of a baby in this house are we? Aileen had asked her husband one evening after dinner feeling tired and defeated by nature and her body. For eight years, they had been trying to have children but their efforts brought forth nothing. For a while, they had thought the stress of work was a contributing factor but once things had calmed down, they gave it another try which resulted into nothing. They were both two healthy individuals, she thought. How could they be struggling at this?

There is always the option of adoption; her husband said not knowing what her reaction would be to his suggestion. She kept quiet focusing her eyes on the TV set. It seemed her silence had ended the communication.

Three weeks later, after supper, Aileen drew her husband’s attention back to his earlier suggestion. They talked endlessly about the benefits and downside of adopting. Finally, they had agreed on going forward with it. They proceeded forward to contacting the right people and setting up an appointment.

Martin and Aileen did not know what to expect as they went into the appointment but kept an open mind. They were introduced to all the kids present at holy acres orphanage home but something was missing. Turning around, she saw Henry sitting at a corner by himself reading a book. Something in her gave a turn. She went over to him and they talked for a while. At the end of their conversation, she knew he was the one.

She had called her husband to join the conversation and instantly, like fireworks, he was drawn to the kid.

Some weeks later, documents were dotted and with the little possession he had on him, was driven home to his new life and new beginnings on 65 Maplelorn Rd. It had taken him a while to open up and trust these two who were now supposed to be his new parents but with patience and time, things had settled down and he began to feel at home.

NOW THIS! He thought as he left the Williams’ residence for his own home. When will I ever get a break?

His whole life was just beginning to make sense then this had to go happen. That night, Aileen couldn’t help but notice the distress on his face as they sat down for dinner.

Henry! Is everything okay?

Yes! He said sharply—Aileen gave him a questioning look noticing his sharp reply. Yes, I’m fime. May I please be excused?

Yes off course. I’ll come in later to check on you.

What time is dad getting home? In about thirty minutes replied Aileen

Henry headed to his room, laying on his bed and not bothering to take off his shoes.

Thirty minutes later Martin walked through the front door to the distinct noise of screams. As he edged closer into the house, he realised the screams where coming from Henry’s room.

It was now ten-thirty and the hall way was filled with Henry’s screams. Aileen was still in the shower and could not hear the commotion outside her door. Edward rushed out of his room to meet his boss Martin, almost at his sons’ door — they rushed forward and pushed the door open. Martin turned on the light to see his son on the floor. He and Edward rushed towards him and saw him lying in a pool of blood.

Oh gosh! Martin exclaimed.

Get Aileen, NOW! He screamed to Edward rushing towards his son.

Edward went banging on her door and on the third bang she came out dressed with a towel wrapped around her head.

Martin needs you in Henry’s room.

They booth rushed to Henry’s room. At the sight of her son, Aileen could not contain herself. In her, she felt part of her soul being ripped from her, sweat perforating from parts of her she could not control, her limbs growing weak underneath her, HENRY! She screamed out not able to control herself.

We better go if we’re going to save him, Edward said.

Go where? How do we explain this to the doctors, Martin asked?

We are not going to the hospital Edward said with haste. Those wounds are not normal, neither are they of this realm. We better go he said.

Henry, unfortunately, had sustained bruises and deep gushes on him whiles he slept.

How did he get all these bruises on him and what did Edward mean by they were not of this realm? Who would do this to a little boy? They thought.

They got into the car and drove, heading in the direction of the Williams’ residence. The night was heavy and dull with nothing stirring except the screeching wind, which howled bitterly like an angry dog and thrashed anything and everything that was in its way. The trees waved their branches angrily making the night animals scatter and scurry around for new shelter. The night screamed in despair. The street was deserted except for the occasional animal that would cross the road scurrying for safety. The road had mysteriously shrunk to one lane and spilling leaves floated in front of the car leading them directly to the Williams residence.

They finally made it to the Williams driveway. Edward jumped out of the car and run to the door frantically knocking and calling out Nala’s name.

Laura opened the door to find three strangers and Henry in the hands of the older man. Please, is Nala in, Edward asked?

Nala appeared out of the corner of his eyes and directed his next statement to her; it’s the boy, he’s badly hurt.

Bring him in Nala said as Laura made way for the group. Martin followed Nala up the stairs to the room Henry had slept in the night before and laid him on the bed.

LEAVE US! Nala said in a strong commanding voice. Once Martin left, she quickly gathered her tools and started working on him.

She grabbed some aloe leaves, bloodroot leaves, boneset leaves, apple tree bark, cedar bark and some essences, put everything in a bowl grinding it all together and added a little liquid from her green bottle into the concoction. She smeared it on and around his body, bandaged it and allowed him to rest. Before leaving the room, she put a barrier of protection up in the room. She then left the room and headed downstairs where she found the group sitting by the fire-place.

Aileen’s hair had still been dripping with water causing her blouse to get soaked in the back. Somehow the towel on her head had fallen off during the commotion. Freezing, Laura grabbed a blanket to help keep her warm.

Everyone stood up the moment Nala walked in. How is he Aileen asked shakily?

He will be fine. He is sleeping at the moment. Nala replied.

He is a brave boy and a fighter said Nala, he will be okay.

Can I see him, Aileen asked? It will be best we wait till morning. You all need your rest. Mrs. Williams will help you all get settled in. We shall talk in the morning. She said her goodnights and headed back up the stairs.


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