The Fall of Savardoram – Chapter IV

The sounds of birds chirping outside woke Henry up. It was late morning and the sun was starting to illuminate its self through the windows. Nala had come in to check on his wounds and found that it had healed well.

Morning! She said to Henry in a firm voice.

What are you doing here? Henry asked in a quiet voice. Saving your ass, said Nala. Your mum and dad are downstairs. I’ll go get them.

N-n-o! He said in a quiet voice. That won’t be necessary. I’ll go down with you. As he got out of bed he realised the room wasn’t his. His room was more boyish with a few sports trophies and race car models on display. This room looked neutral and kind of bare. It seemed it wasn’t used much. Where is this he asked Nala? Forgotten so soon! Nala said. Look again. You were in it the night before.

They finally made it downstairs and found the Williams and Johnsons’ waiting for them. Henry! Aileen said in a hopeful voice and rushed towards him helping him to a seat. How are you feeling, his mum asked? I’m fine, a bit sore though.

Can you tell me what happened after you left here yesterday?  Nala asked?

Well, I went home, tried to have some dinner but had no appetite, so went to my room. I must have fallen asleep whiles waiting for dad. Don’t remember anything else.

Okay! Well, we already wasted enough time. I have already spoken to your parents and I have their permission to take you with me on our little trip. Now! Let’s go she said heading for the study room. The girls were already in the study when they got there.

Good to see you girls are already here. Your parents have something to tell you before we go, Nala said.  Lawrence and Laura went up to the girls and held them in a tight embrace. Girls! You know we love you very much right? The girls responded with a confused look on their face.

Yes, we do.

Mom! Dad! What’s going on?

Whatever happens from now on, we want you to know we love you very much and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for you. Remember everything we have thought you and apply wisdom in all that you embark on. They then gave the girls a quick hug and turned towards Nala.

Nala turned and pushed the books on the second shelf away to one end of the shelf, then brushed her hand against the wall. She then pushed a section of the wall to reveal a safe. She opened the safe and out came an hour glass floating in mid-air. Nala took hold of it and turned the hour glass four times, and waited for it to be half full.

At half full, the glass lit up giving a blueish green light. Suddenly the wall split into two and opened up but it looked bare. She then waved her hand in front of the openness and there appeared a passage way. Ok, let’s go, she said.

Nala beckoned for the girls and Henry to follow her but the girls were hesitant. Henry was still trying to come to grips with everything

Finally, with some persuasion from both parents, the girls along with Henry followed Nala into the passage way.

Anisa and Sosa hurried off at the command of Nala. This was the first time she had seen the girls as they were. Their frail and fragile state at that moment was too painful for her. They were the only close things to sisters she knew and every day spent with them was one she had come to treasure dearly. The day she had been chosen by the “Clanis” to watch and draw closer to the girls had been the happiest day of her life. She got to make it out of dreary and miserable Savardoram. It’s not that she disliked the town but she hated it for what it had become. The good ol’ days were hardly spoken of. She knew a time was coming were the people would have to join together and stand up against the tyranny going on but until that day comes, they all had to continue living in fear.

Anisa and Sosa knew the journey would not be easy but they had to give it their best. Savardoram was no more the peaceful and magical place it once was. It had grown dark and weary with the dark knights and night crawlers evading the city. Any existence of light that had once shown in this revered place had now been overshadowed and drowned by darkness. The land was bare, famine and drought ravaged the towns. Sickness was always not too far off from the people’s doors and the people constantly lived in fear of its ruler and his dark knights.

The “Kalismont” he called himself- the thought of that name gave her the creeps. He was growing stronger by the minute and she couldn’t help but think the hullabaloo she had walked into at the Williams’ house had something to do with him. Every day, hour, minute, and every second was a struggle for survival in Savardoram. It felt like the air was being sucked out of their lungs every waking day. With little magic left, they had to work fast to bring the reign and terror of “Kalismont” and his goons down. Those who had chosen to go against him had been obliterated from their world with no existence of them or their families. The misogyny against women and children was distasteful. Some residents had made it safely out of Savardoram to neighbouring villages in wait of the awaited prophesy but no one was safe – not even the littlest or tiniest animal. She had a hard time believing some men took to the barbaric principles of him and his militants.

Taking in a deep breath, she let out a long sigh and turned her attention to her friend. Sosa… Why where you following Lina to school the other day Anisa asked?

Grandor asked us to keep an eye on her and the other girls. There is something wrong but he won’t tell us. Maybe now that we heading home, you can find out from him what the problem is. Sosa had been Anisa’s best friend since she could walk. The history between the two best friends dated back to Anisa’s great-grandfather. At a hundred and fifty pounds, with a narrow head and muzzle, Sosa, of the grey wolf clan stood at six feet, with her grey and white fur looking smooth and radiant under the blazing sun. Luckily, Anisa had asked her to turn back as she was almost spotted by a couple of kids also heading to school that day in her direction. The other pack had made it back safely bringing their enquiries to Grandor.


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