I dream of a day where

The words from my mouth,

The stories from my Heart

The touch of  my pen on paper

And the beats of our hearts

Unites us as one

As we enjoy a piece of each other. 

In the end, it shall be but 


 I love words, I love books.

I love drama, I love romance. I am a poet, I am a story teller.

I love Poetry. I have many interests which I believe makes me

Dinamic. In a few words and sentences, I speak of life, experiences

and love. A medley only made possible by imagination and heart.

I see my connection to this world of ours (blogging) as a family 

playing an important role in the lives of others thus making

us a Dynasty. I hope as you cruise and navigate this page,

As your read each and every word penned down, I hope

The words touch and give you meaning as they do to me.

I hope it makes a difference in your lives.


Enjoy reading and stay blessed.




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