Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram

Read Chapter 1 here Continuation of Chapter one. Lina lived five minutes from the bus stop so the walk was gladly welcomed. As she neared the bus stop, she could not help but think someone was following and watching her. She stopped and turned around but did not find anyone around. Luckily, she saw the… Continue reading Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram


Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram

Read Prologue here CHAPTER ONE THE DREAMS As she turned to look at the time, she dreaded going back to sleep. Lina had been getting the same recurring dream for weeks now and could not move past it. She kept asking herself what the dream meant, but could not find an answer. She had been… Continue reading Family Tree-The Fall of Savardoram



PROLOGUE THE FALL The house of Ahaziah sat dead as a statue amidst of wailings in the town square. Terror rained in the eyes and hearts of Stanton’s men and women—the great tree of Ahaziah house—ruler of Savardoram, lay still in his bed. Men, women, and children were lined up in chains heading to the… Continue reading FAMILY TREE – THE FALL OF SAVARDORAM

Words of Wisdom

#Wednesday Motivation-You have a choice

Just because you've been disappointed once, or twice, or a hundred times, is no reason to give up. On the contrary, it is a reason to give more to the effort. Just because you've been criticized is no reason to think that the whole world is against you. Actually, it is a valuable opportunity to… Continue reading #Wednesday Motivation-You have a choice


#Wedneday Motivation-Offer Serenity

OFFER SERENITY There are times and circumstances when life offers you serenity. There are many more times when you can offer serenity to life's circumstances, whatever they are. Serenity is a powerful effective state. Serenity enables you to be purposeful, intentional and focused rather than fearful, anxious and reactionary. You can choose to hold a… Continue reading #Wedneday Motivation-Offer Serenity

Daily Prompts, poetry

Fire of Hell

Image credit: Oleg Oprisco via Daily Prompt: Bitter Bitter Bitterness, Rage, Anger, That's what I felt. Alone in a world that only I knew of. Each scratch on the pad was Supposed to ease the the pain But it didn't. The fire burnt, consuming Me and the match stick with out an ounce of remorse.… Continue reading Fire of Hell

Daily Motivator

This is The Time That Counts

If you've wasted the whole day, or many days, or years, that's unfortunate. But it is behind you and it doesn't stop you from making the most of right now. If you're disappointed for any reason in what has happened up to this moment, choose to transform the energy of that disappointment into inspiration. Use… Continue reading This is The Time That Counts

Daily Prompts, Short Stories

Unvailing the Mask

Image Credit: Apalkin Pavlo via Daily Prompt: Roots Roots Afia walked into the house, a cloud of daze upon her and her appearance not one to behold but who was looking. The whole room grew silent as she approached Akwesi's body. Barely two years into the marriage and this-A lifeless body gathered on the cold… Continue reading Unvailing the Mask