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Oh How I Wish

Image Credit: Apalkin Pavlo via Daily Prompt: Gray Gray Everything looked gray as I sat waiting for you I knew you were gone;  I think I did. I'd been told But everything was such a haze. The beautiful skies Had even turned against me. The smile was gone, the Colour was gone. All that lay ahead… Continue reading Oh How I Wish


The 5 Rules of Life by Roberta Pimentel

This is a post I believe we all can benefit from. Life can sometimes be unpredictable but by folowing these 5 steps or rules (no matter how hard it is) I believe life can be a blessing for us all. Enjoy.. 1.Don’t be too emotional = Have faith. 2. Don’t be a grown up =… Continue reading The 5 Rules of Life by Roberta Pimentel


Losing Control

Image credit: Oleg Oprisko The two seasons came and passed, and then there was autumn reminding Me of you. Leaves turned a colourful reddish Orange, everywhere smelling cold, stale and rigid. The easel and canvas are ready to go. Paint and brush In hand but my mind is consumed by you. My blood turns Cold… Continue reading Losing Control


The world of Zip

Image Credit: Oleg Oprisco via Daily Prompt: Zip Zip With little time to spare, I zip through the pages, Entranced by what I read and feel. Its wonderland, Its a gateway to dreams yet lived. I relish the moment and stay engaged, trying to make real a life yearned to explore, in so little a time. Images… Continue reading The world of Zip

Words of Wisdom

#Motivator Wednesday (Posting Thursday)-The Way To Success

Hello everyone, Hope we are all well and in good spirits.  Sorry about the late post. Todays post is about success, and I hope we enjoy this read and take something as well.   THE WAY TO SUCCESS Failure is nothing to be afraid of. Highly successful people experience it all the time and they… Continue reading #Motivator Wednesday (Posting Thursday)-The Way To Success


Unraveled Love

via Daily Prompt: Unravel Unravel Everyday I sit and wonder at your marvelousness. It's a mystery how you unravel your beauty before my Eyes never hiding a spec of yourself. I query and ask how a youngling like yourself can be full Of life. Never with an ounce of worry, never with anguish. I sit… Continue reading Unraveled Love

Words of Wisdom

#Wednesday Motivation

EXPECT MORE FROM YOURSELF You cannot avoid the fact that life demands much of you. What you can do, is demand even more of yourself. Expect more of yourself than others expect of you. Then instead of being pressured by the expectations and demands of others, you'll already be way ahead of those expectations. Set… Continue reading #Wednesday Motivation


Conflict of Two Voices

via Daily Prompt: Denial Denial Image Credit: VRADIY YEVGENIA In retrospect, I prefer to look At the image on the other side because it looks perfect in every Way. On the outside, I see all the Mistakes, the flaws, the imperfections That characterize my being. Truth be told, it's easier to see the left than The… Continue reading Conflict of Two Voices

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#Wednesday Motivator-Give Yourself A Purpose

Hi all, Sorry this is coming late. This is the last entry for Give Yourself A Purpose. Hope you all enjoyed it. Give Yourself A Purpose Saying no can be positive because it frees you to focus on something that makes a real difference.  Give yourself a purpose that feels right to you and don't let… Continue reading #Wednesday Motivator-Give Yourself A Purpose


Journeying with you

Image Credit: Oleg Oprisco Your gentle touch Sends me on a roller Coaster. Like the slow and Sturdy wave of ocean gently Caressing my soul. Your love, so light And weightless as a feather Sends me to the heights of cloud 9. We hold hands and dance atop the ocean Consumed by our love for… Continue reading Journeying with you